Three Tips For Buying Equipment For Your Laundromat

14 May 2021
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Commercial laundromats are big business right now. If you have a laundromat or if you are planning to open one, it's important that you find all of the equipment that will help you the most. By taking time out to search for equipment suppliers, you will be able to manage your business with cost-effectiveness and proper planning. Start with the tips in this article so that you can buy whatever washer and dryer equipment you need. Read More 

Why Replacing Faulty Supermarket Refrigeration Case Parts Is Important

28 October 2020
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If you own or manage a supermarket or any other type of business that uses refrigeration systems to keep products cold, then you should become familiar with the supermarket refrigeration case suppliers that offer a variety of different parts that are needed for keeping these systems in good shape. Knowing when your refrigeration case parts are faulty and replacing them with the right parts when needed are two important things that you should focus on for these reasons and more. Read More 

Non-Toxic Cookware Basics

26 October 2020
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This brief article is designed to provide a basic primer on toxic cookware appliances. The first section will cover toxic cookware that should be avoided. The second section will cover nontoxic cookware alternatives.  Toxic Cookware Many decades ago, scientists developed synthetic chemicals that could be applied to cooking appliances and make them non-stick. The issue was that these chemicals were linked to serious health problems. PFAS and similar PFOA chemicals are toxic and many health advocates suggest you steer clear of any non-stick appliances that have these chemicals. Read More 

Is It Time For A Water Softener?

22 October 2020
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Not all homes have water softeners. Some homes don't require them, as their water is just the right mineral composition. Some water has too much chlorine, iron, calcium, or other minerals in them that make your water turn your clothing a different color, turn your sinks a different color, or cause your skin to change and dry out. If you aren't sure if your home needs a water softener, see below for a few reasons why your home should have one. Read More 

Use Hot Tub Specifications To Guide You

20 October 2020
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Owning a hot tub could mean spending more time outside on your deck while enjoying a therapeutic session or increased interest in spending time with your family and friends while seated in the water feature's confines. Before investing in a hot tub, consider the size of the water feature that you need, the components that will aid in a relaxing experience, and proposed costs to upkeep the tub. Large And More Powerful Vs Compact And Less Powerful Read More